Knowledge about LED! Do you know what is LED?

Dear friends, do you know what is LED?

And do you know when the LED industry develop ?

Today, let me show you around what is LED !

Knowledge about LED! Do you know what is LED?

LED Indoor Decoration Solution

LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) lighting is a type of high luminous efficiency, energy-saving and low consumption. Also, it has various advantages like dimmer control easy,small size etc,.It is recognized that the forth generation of light source after the development of HID lighting, CFL lighting and incandescent light bulb.

Also, widely application in indoor,outdoor,car,signal index,display lighting nowadays. What's more, LED dimmable lighting is widely apply in our daily life also. Like the Liquid Crystal Display,table PC and notebook are the samples .

Some LED jargon are :

1.White Light LED : Adopted single chip with fluorescent powder or multi-color chips combine to white light LED.

2.Monochromatic Light LED : Single color emitted of LED with red,green,blue,yellow and purple etc,.

3.Dual In-line Package LED : Proper suit for package technology of insert with anode. Our rope light is adopted Dual In-line Package LED technology.

4.Surface Mounted Devices LED : Anode package in base, proper suit for the LED technology of surface package .

5. CRI : Color Rendering Index : The standard of LED color rendering .