How is the temperature effect your lighting?

How is the temperature effect your lighting?

LED lighting,as core technology of the environmental protection.Take LED panel light for examples,same illuminate effect as normal light.On the other hands,a special performance difference from incandescent light is - dimmable. The application of dimmable panel light is widely than normal light.

Anyway,do you know how is the temperature of heat-dissipation effect your lighting?

Here comes a research. The research shows the output power could be lower if the dimmable technology can be adopted widely. Also it can improve the working of LED panel light to enhance their lifespan.So,the temperature is the core of stable.

It is considered that whatever driver or chips,shows the higher temperature it is,lower lifespan and stable. 320,000 hours can be up to when the light in 25℃. 

On the country,lifespan of panel light will be cut down to 35,000 hours when the temperature up to 60 ℃.

In the same time,lumen depreciation will be further intensified when the temperature is higher.The lumen depreciation is the core of lifespan.So,lifespan will cut down when the lighting source comes with lumen depreciation.

But the consumption of driver will cut down when the output power cut down too with dimmer technology.When the ambient temperature is 25℃ full load,the shell temperature of 50℃,while the use of dimming control output only 50% power,the shell temperature dropped to 40℃.When the ambient temperature life will be doubled,reliability can be increased by 25%-40%.