Real Green offer different size of LED rope lights

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Real Green offer LED rope light three different length :

Bulk spools of 150'

Pre-package kits at specified lengths

Custom-cut to your specified length.

Bulk spools of 150'

Our bulk spools are available in both 120V and 12V. The 150' spools are the best choice for those who need a full spools. The 150' also could create your own custom cut lengths. It is more economical to cut your own rope light lengths from a 150' spool.

Pre-packaged Rope Light Kits

The pre-packaged LED rope light kits are the most economical choice for those who do not need a full 150' spool. We offer five size10', 18',20', 50'and 150'. Each kit includes the rope light with the power cord attached and enough mounting brackets for the length of the rope. One or more pre-package rope light kits can be connected together with our extension kit.

Color box and Plastic Box are available ,we also could design the package for you or custom is welcome.

Custom-cut UL Rate LED Rope Light

We also sell our LED rope light custom cut to a specified length. Depending on the color our rope light can be cut in increments of 3', 43" or 6'. You specify the length you want and we'll cut it, assemble it with a power cord and ship it to you ready to use.

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