How to use wireless IR controller

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Each set of chasing-effect LED strip light equip with a wireless IR controller (with DIY feature).

This 24-key IR remote allows you to create stunning light effects that are limited only by your imagination! By aiming the remote to the controller’s receiver, it will respond to controller within 5-meter in a line. The Infrared Remote Control allows you to choose different sets of colors,adjust the brightness & select from 10 different chasing effects!

There is a DIY button on the remote which allows you to create your favorite color and save it to your controller!

Firstly pressing the IC Set button, which will make the controller into the DIY color mode; you can now adjust the color with the up & down arrow keys to increase or decrease the red, green, and blue to create your unique color.

Press the IC set key again to save it to your controller. That specific color will show up when the IC key is pressed gain after the power cycle.

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