Great city lighting--SMD5730 led strip light

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SMD5730 LED light are commonly use in city lighting. As its high brightness, energy-saving and low-consumption be the best choice for city engineering lighting. Widely use such as building decoration, bridge decoration, ship decoration and steam decoration etc,.

Super bright 5730 SMD top LED, high intensity and reliability; Continuous length, packed with 5 meter;Flexible ribbon for curving around bends;Completely smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem;Ultra-bright but running at low temperature;Easy for transporting, decorative effect is brilliant, energy saving, environmental protection.


1. Decorative lighting for exhibition shelves, advertising light box and hotel etc;
2. Backlight for edge lighting/signage;
3. Holiday decorative lights, residential and outdoor lighting;
4. Bridge, garden, road and car lighting etc;

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